Cybernetics (1)

21. Februar 2007 von Günther Friesinger

It has been convincingly argued that Cybernetics sought to be a universal science (e.g. Bowker 1993). This was certainly the case when it was in its ascendency in the 1950s and 60s, but Cyberentics seems to have disappeared altogether today. And yet many people talk about "cyber-culture", "cyber-space," cyber-this and cyber-that. But what happened to Cybernetics? Where did it go? Why did it go? What was its influence? How did it universalizing aspirations contribute to its decline, and its seemingly invisible yet ubiquitous presence in science and culture? Vortrag von Peter Asaro zu: What ever happened to cybernetics? Gestaltet von Günther Friesinger. Gesendet am 21.02.2007

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