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Creators and Users

8. November 2002 von Felix Stalder

Felix Stalder: "All cultures, including ours, are held together by a set of basic, shared assumptions that synchronize its various, otherwise very heterogeneous, aspects. The communality of these assumptions facilitates its many differentiated segments to interact with one another despite their apparent divisions. One such assumption, prevalent today, is that of the difference between producers of culture - by which I mean in this context informational objects - and its users. In terms of creativity, the relation between producers and users is thought to be a one-way street. Everything flows from the former to the latter, no creativity returns. This assumption is reinforced in a myriad of ways, through the law, the market and the culture of everyday life. New practices native to the digital domain such as file-sharing and remixing question this distribution of creativity and the various arrangements that incorporate it." Gehalten am 08.11.2002

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