The thought of the Outside in the dance of Ko Murobushi

A lecture by Romina Achatz at the conference "Ko Murobushi Wandering Archive Vol.2 at Yamagata-The Mummy and Body of the “Outside”. Koeki University, Japan


Organizer:Ko&Edge/Ko Murobushi Archive, Koichi Kano Laboratory (Koeki University)

Further informations:

Ko Murobushi was a dancer, who lived in Paris in the late 1980tes. He was very inspired by the philosophy and work of Nietzsche, Mallarmé, Artaud,Rimbaud, Deleuze/Guattari, Foucault. In his dance he wanted to get rid ofthe myth of Identity – trying to constantly find ways of de-terretorialzinghis body, of de-subjectiviation and digging ‘Outside’, instead of ‘Inside’.

Michel Foucault yearned for a breakthrough to a language of the ‘Outside’from which the subject is excluded and disappears. For him, the language ofthe Outside is found in the writings of Nietzsche, Mallarmé, Artaud,Rimbaud, Bataille, Blanchot, and Klossowski and many more. They are allrepresentatives, or, in Blanchot’ s case, an embodiment of the thought ofthe Outside. The language of the Outside creates a crack to an impersonalexistence, that lies beyond the words itself and breathes in the in-betweenmoments of not being yet and not being any more. In this lecture RominaAchatz is exploring the ‘Thought of the Outside’ within the dance of KoMurobushi.

Romina Sylvia Achatz studied film-, theatre- and mediatheory, film and philosophy in Vienna and Rome. Her main interest is ‚The Politics of the body‘. Currently she researches and writes about ‚The thought of theOutside in the dance of Ko Murobushi‘. Romina Achatz is PhD candidate at the University of applied Arts in Linz; working as a lecturer, as a writer and radio journalist.