About Us

On these pages you will find a collection of audio documents of philosophical nature. They were compiled from 2000 onwards by members of the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Vienna and have been maintained by the Radiotop association since 2022.

One core of the collection is the archive of the “Philosophical Fragments,“ a series of broadcasts that the Viennese free radio Orange has been broadcasting fortnightly since April 26, 2000. The “Fragments” present philosophical personalities, problems, collegial debates and works of graduates, mainly from the environment of the Institute of Philosophy.

A second focus is on recordings of lecture series, conferences and individual lectures. The audio files can be accessed as a stream, downloaded or subscribed to as a podcast.

The team of the “Philosophical Fragments” are Andrea Adelsburg, Charlotte Annerl, Günther Friesinger, Camilo Giraldo, Natascha Gruver, Herbert Hrachovec, Thomas Huebel, Ulrike Kadi, Birgit Langenberger, Miriam Metze, Anneliese Rieger, sonja riegler, Elisabeth Schäfer and Elisabeth Widmer.

For many years of support we would like to thank Hakan Gürses, Richard Heinrich, Sergius Kodera, Alice Pechriggl, Mario Spassov and Franz Martin Wimmer.

Technical implementation and assistance: Odin Kroeger and Herbert Hrachovec.